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Pelletti ry is the student organization of the environmental technology students of Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology and it represents all environmental students in LUT. It was founded in 2001. It has over 100 members.

Our guild brings all the environmental students in LUT together and drives their interests in studies as well as in the working life. The Guild of Environmental Technology plans and organizes parties, excursions, sports events and other events for its members. The guild arranges a lot of activities especially for first-year students called freshmen or fuksi in Finnish. Pelletti is a link between its students and the university, and has an influence on study matters. In addition, we manage public relations with the departments of School of Energy Systems and other guilds mainly here in Lappeenranta, but also in other universities as well. One of our main tasks is to gather feedback about the environmental technology courses. By doing this, it is possible to develop the education in our university. Pelletti also co-operates with companies that are related to environmental engineering. Another important task is to inform our members of current events; this we are doing via our social media or Pelleposti. Also, we are taking part of decision making in the Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Pelletti aims to fulfil the expectations and hopes of its members in the best way possible. The guild has a board consisting of 9 students selected annually. The board is responsible for organizing events and looking after the guild members’ interest. There are also 5-10 guild officials, who help organize events, keep our guild room clean, inform and keep in touch with the support groups of the guild. 

Pelletti ry is a student organization of environmental technology students at the Lappeenranta University of Technology. Our goal is to connect environmental technology students to a close group, to guide new students right from the beginning to student life and to monitor our interests at the university. We organize a lot of different events, such as academic table celebrations, sits and excursions, where we visit companies in the field and often get to know the student life of other communities. There is a lot to do at the university as well as outside, and everyone will surely find some of the activities they like. Get to know the teak culture as well as the corporate world. The performance of the guild is maintained by a good 20-member board of directors and office staff, and it is also advisable for new students to join in as soon as the first year! Pellet also keeps in touch with other school guilds, and we have contacts with our sister clubs all over Finland.

Environmental technology students are a close community, and we have a great team spirit. The new students are welcome to the crowd, and the students of the older ones get to know quickly.